Let’s make this the best party. Ever.

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Let’s make this the best party. Ever.

Wedding design and styling that’s uniquely you, super fun, unbelievably photogenic and delivers the BEST experience for you and your guests.

Wedding design and styling that’s uniquely you, super fun, unbelievably photogenic and delivers the BEST experience for you and your guests.

So you’ve decided to get married!


You love our style and want some?

You love design, you’re super rad, fun and awesome and you want to have a very non-traditional wedding (a party masquerading as a wedding, mayhaps?) that’s about you and your partner and your relationship, taking cues from your venue and the things you love.

This is where we step in.

You’re overwhelmed + need help?

It was all so exciting in the beginning. Pinterest, Instagram and your pile of wedding magazines were your best friends! But then you clocked up 3549 pins and 2358 saved Insta posts, and suddenly, you felt tired, SO TIRED.

“I just don’t think a glam rock hippy boho luxe minimalist colour explosion wedding is going to do, especially considering I am a demi-goth heavy metal rockabilly?” And you’re right, it probably won’t.

That’s where we step in.

Our unique take on wedding styling and design in Melbourne means we’ll create a wedding with you and your guests in mind – how they will feel, what’ they’ll experience, see and touch. It’s less about ‘let’s  get some festoons’ and more about ‘let’s make this the best wedding ever’. Your memories will be even better than the actual day, BOOM!

uniquely you

At Good Day Rentals, we meet with you to see the sort of excellent people that you are, how you met, what you love, hear about all of your ideas, likes and dislikes for your wedding, discuss your venue, then shake that around in our noggins to come up with a cohesive, interesting, cool concept to base your wedding styling design on.

super awesome

Each and every wedding we design and style is 100% super awesome. We love every single one and we make sure that it’s the best possible experience for you and your guests. No cookie cutter weddings, no doing the same thing over and over; life is way to short for boring weddings.

relaxed + fun

Weddings can be complex to organise and bringing your wedding styling vision to life can be tricky unless you have all time and money in the land; and really, who does! Our process is about you. We work to bring the look and feel together seamlessly and in a fun way, because planning a wedding should be fun. Srsly.


Here’s what some of our past wedding styling customers have said about us.

“Meticulous planning, attention to detail, love for stepping outside of the box… You’re in for a treat!” Emily and Nick (via Google)

TwoTonMax, North Melbourne

“Freakin made our wedding the most fantastic festival ever!… If I could give a hundred stars out of five I would.” Duncan (via Facebook)

Sokil Arts Eco Retreat, Wensleydale

“Having someone with Kate’s experience to help us out was literally priceless.” Banjo (via Google)

Private property/backyard wedding, Warrandyte

Past concepts

Some wedding concepts we’ve created to date include these tasty numbers.

Our design process

1. Meet us at our fab office! ?

Come in to our office in Sunshine West where we will drink tea, coffee, sparkling water, beer, Nesquik, ginger beer, or tequila! Plus there is often treats such as cakes and lollies and other lovely snick snacks. Here we can talk about your wedding in depth and work out if it’s a good fit for you and for us, You also get to meet our lovely furniture!

2. Let's eyeball your venue! ?

Site visit! We measure and photograph the site for future design purposes. And we will talk about the ideas you’ve had so far for how you want your wedding to look and feel.

3. Pin, pin, and pin some more! ?

Make a board on Pinterest and pin all of your favourite things. These shouldn’t all be wedding related, more of a style guide to show us what you are like as a couple.

4. we create your concept! ?

We create a full concept slash moodboard just for you! This sets out colours, themes, vibes; the overall look + feel of your celebration. It’s an ace tool that you’ll use over and over again as the guide for your other wedding choices!

5. Lock in your design! ?

After you’ve OK’d the concept, we produce a full design which includes floorplans, lighting plans, floristry, stationery, table/glass ware, design elements, a customisable budget spreadsheet, quotes, visuals and renders that together make up the whole design of your wedding.

You’ll view all this on your personal design webpage!

6. We make it happen! ?

Once the design is locked and loaded, we make, collect, assemble, beg, borrow and steal the things needed to create your wedding and we make it happen on the day, so it’s as stress free + awesome as it possibly can be.

Package options

Why get an event designer and stylist?

Do I need a stylist for my wedding?

It’s a common question. The answer is no. You don’t NEED one.

Event designers and stylists know how to seemingly effortlessly create concepts and designs that will blow your mind wide apart. They’ll create a wedding for you that’s cohesive, beautiful, awesome, personalised and truly amazing. And on the day of your wedding, you’ll be swanning around, doing fun stuff like drinking booze, eating croissants and getting your photo taken, rather than running around your venue shrieking WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN SCISSORS? NO YOU CALM DOWN. It will be all taken care of to a quality and glorious-ness that you and your guests will adore.

Do I want a wedding stylist?

So it’s more a question of “do I WANT an event designer and stylist?”. If you want the process, flow and look and feel of your wedding managed by a team of passionate professionals, then a stylist is a great idea and a wonderful investment in your wedding.

It takes about 10-20 hours a week to organise a wedding over about a year. That’s adding a part time job to what we can only imagine is a full busy life that you already lead.

And these points are mainly focused on the practical side of the big job that is creating a unique design for your wedding. A really important part is the creative process. Where we dig away and have big chats and get you to do a Pinterest board, and from that, create a wedding design that you will love, that’s is a bit unexpected and a whole heap about you as a couple. It’s a magical process!

Don’t just take our word for it

From design and styling clients, Hannah + Ravi, Fitzroy Town Hall:

“What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Kate and her team (not to mention all the other fantastic vendors Kate put us in touch with). The amazing furniture goes without saying but I think what we enjoyed most about working with Kate is that she really got exactly what we were after, had such an easy going and can-do attitude and just ran with it and made our lives less stressful. Needless to say the result was just incredible and a huge thanks to Kate for her wonderful styling and helping us pull off the most incredible day.” 


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