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Little Church at Springhill, Springhill 

First published in GT Bride magazine

“OMG yesterday was beyond belief! I’ve hardly been able to sleep. Still on a massive high! Thank you so much, Kacper and I were both so incredibly happy with everything that you did for us. Our wedding was beyond perfect because of you, thank you so much Kate. Seriously, it was the best day ever and it couldn’t have happened without you. You’re the farken best!” From Abbey the morning after the wedding. 

When Abbey got in touch about furniture hire and on-the-day-styling for her wedding, her wedding date wasn’t for two years AND she told me she wasn’t yet engaged. OK sure thing I thought, metaphorically backing away slowly. I once had a beautician who over a series of appointments over months and months told me all about her wedding plans. And it turned out she wasn’t engaged, and this was a kind of made up in-her-head type scenario. But I soon learned that Abbey + Kacper were doing things their way and Abbey was not a sandwich short of a picnic after all. 

They wanted to organise their wedding – just the two of them – without everyone’s opinions and good ideas. So they did all of that and then they announced their engagement. Voila! We endorse an approach such as this at Good Day Rentals because there are just some things in life that elicit people’s unwanted and often very judgey opinions and ‘help’ – weddings are definitely one of them, as are pregnancy and child raising, and getting tattoos. People have SO MUCH TO SAY – but really is it going to change your mind? Or is it just going to piss you right off until you’re shaking your fist at the sky in outrage? It’s totally OK to just do your thing and take not advice or shit from anyone, if that’s what you want to do!

Anywho, Abbey + Kacper didn’t need a whole lot of opinions to create one of the most amazing weddings ever. The chose a killer venue, ace vendors and fabulous details and these pictures from Enchanted Weddings tell the story of something amazing.  


How divine is the getting ready location? Heart eyes all around. 

Abbey’s beautiful, dreamy pink dress was a stand out stunner – one of my favourite wedding dresses ever! And the combo of pastel pink and pale blue with her best ladies’ outfits is mental. Abbey’s dress was made by Pearls and Roses Bridal. You people LOVED it on our Instagram – it’s was our most liked photo in 2017!

Abbey + Kacper chose the amazing Little Church at Springhill for their ceremony and reception. It’s a dream – it has a chapel and loads of space in amongst the trees, a lovely deck, and just many great touches. 

Pinks and blues were spread throughout the wedding – in their outfits as you’ve seen, but also in the furnishings. We offset the cuteness with a touch of red here and there, and added the glam with sequined cushions. A fairy lit picnic area under the trees with heaps of lush cushions and bright blankies really brought a contemporary feel to their wedding – that mix of old and new that is our signature was perfectly executed in this wedding. 

Remember I mentioned their excellent vendors? They got cake kween Miss Lady Bird cakes to make an amazing cake and the super bright, super fun florals were by floz masteress Raven and the Rose. Bright, fun and modern with a touch of vintage glam.

One of the things we did for Abbey + Kacper was on-the-day styling. They did a bunch of DIY and sourcing things in the lead up, but they were smart enough to know they couldn’t and didn’t want to have to pull off styling on the day of their wedding. So they got us to do it – and it was so fun! We created this beautiful memories area with photos of past and present loved ones, as well as styling the picnic area, table decorations, lounge and cake trolley. They just turned up and had a great time, which is such a wonderful way to experience your wedding day. 

We just adored working with these two – and making it happen on the day. Such a delight and a dream!






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